220 volt smiles

So how often do twins come along who are basketball superstars? Well, we know of at least two.

Jason and Jarron Collins are said to be the most intensely recruited and highly rated players ever to be part of the great Stanford Cardinal team. And now they have been drafted into the NBA, Jason by the Utah Jazz and Jarron by the New Jersey Nets.

I could run down basketball stats and tell you about the many awards and achievements these two remarkable young men have had so far but I only know them from breakfast with their family and that’s where they really stand out. It is no secret that when you are an accomplished athlete there are a lot of folks who want a piece of you. They want everything from autographs to 10% of the action. It takes a lot of self-possession and grounding to avoid being swept away by the adulation, but these guys are off to a great start. The other day, just after their graduation from Stanford, Jason and Jarron were in with their mother and aunt, two tall, beautiful ladies who were just bursting with pride.

Graduating from Stanford is a tremendous achievement. No matter how good an athlete you are you have to have spectacular grades to get into the top schools and when you add the serious team commitment it is an awesome load.

I’ve met more then a few famous athletes and a few are pretty hard to approach because they are only able to give so much to their fans. Some give up very little and others give a great deal. It isn’t a question of burnout so much as personality. The Collins create a stir wherever they go because they seem to give off a magnetic glow and I’m talking about mom and auntie too. It’s my prediction that Jason and Jarron will be just as friendly and accessible when they are seasoned pro as they are today. It’s just how they were raised.