Pam, Greg and Craig with their teeth

Craig Johnson’s tombstone has already been written, although he won’t be needing it for quite awhile. It reads: “Did some law and was crazy about biking” Well, Craig has done “a bit of law.” He founded Venture Law Group on Sand Hill Road and has done the legal for way too many firms to list. One thing that makes his practice stand out is that, unlike the phone company, landlords and a host of others, VLG wouldn’t charge startups until they were funded so that they could leave the dock at lightning speed. Venture Law is one of the groups responsible for the invention of Internet Time. Right now some people have had their faith shaken by the decline (or devastation) of their Internet portfolios and their outlook toward the promised New Age has been shaken. Remember this–Columbus was within ONE day of turning back, but he didn’t. The result is, of course, Columbus Day, which we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Craig is youthful, funny, smart, moderately well off and with Paul Newman blue eyes. But, sorry ladies he has a main squeeze, the exuberant Pam Bennett.

When Craig isn’t schiestering he is an avid bicycle guy and he and Venture Law sponsored a ride recently with the celebrated Tour de France champ Greg Lemond. www.greglemond.com. Check out his site for the unbelievable story about how this remarkable individual has cheated the Grim Reaper repeatedly and won the biggest bike race in the Universe three times. Once he won this 21-day race by 8 Seconds, or about the time it took you to read the first paragraph. Greg is the best of the best and that’s a very big deal.