Buck’s is the Earthlinked mother ship for the New Jerusalem.

Years ago there were some religious people and some religious denominations who were very upset with NASA, the space program. They decided that the space program must be a sham because the Apollo astronauts circled the moon and then landed on it but did not report that they had found the New Jerusalem. Since we can never see the backside of the moon from earth, they were sure that was the location of the New Jerusalem. These denominations were so fundamental in their word for word literal interpretation of the Bible that they were convinced that the New Jerusalem had to be up there in the sky somewhere waiting to come down and the Moon is the logical place.

So if you walk into Buck’s it is just a cheap ticket to paradise. Mel Gibson is a frequent visitor to Buck’s.



I revel in the fact that I am alive in the end of the 20th century and am here to witness the Third Revolution. Buck’s has somehow been picked as one of the places where people meet in The Valley to hammer out the Information Age.

I have the perfect job. I meet fascinating people from all over the world and I see them at their best. The restaurant is also my canvas and I have created a somewhat wacky environment of things that take my fancy. Some of the stuff I build, like the 11-foot model of the Airship Macon, or I might find something I can’t live without like the Russian space suit I picked up in Moscow recently. Sometimes people give me things such as the training module that NASA used to whip the monkeys into shape for their trip into space in the early 60’s. I just acquired a collection of 700 Cracker Jack prizes from 1905 to 1930. They represent the total consumption of that estimable product by Gladdis Eammes during those years.

My past careers include 15 years as a general contractor. I built many of the saving and loan branches which had such a hard fall and later I remodeled some of those locations into restaurants and that’s how I got in this business. Some of the eateries I built include Prego, Ciao, MacArthur Park SF and The Hard Rock SF along with several dozen others in the early 80’s. Before being a builder I sold milking machines to farmers large and small from bayou country in Louisiana to the frozen north of Quebec. I braved hundreds of manure-laden paddocks and I now have my revenge on all those damn cows by selling hamburgers. Before that I was a starving artist in Soho in NYC.

I was a student activist at Berkeley in the 60’s and before that I was just some dumb kid. The 60’s were cool but you had to be there.

I was born in Japan. My parents were Presbyterian missionaries. I think they converted a total of about 2 people in five years. We lived on Hokkaido, the northern most island which is practically in Russia.

I figure I have a career or two left in me for the future. I can’t wait to see what it is.