Gentry Magazine, Aug 2014

Character Study

Story by Amalia McGibbon, Portraits by Jack Hurcheson
Gentry Magazine August, 2014

When artist and former builder Jamis MacNiven opened Buck’s, his pancake-plus restaurant in Woodside, little did he know that he would become one of Silicon Valley’s most icon figures, calling heads of state, tech titans, celebrities and customers his friends. MacNiven, a world-class raconteur, has more stories than he has chotchkies in the restaurant – and Buck’s regulars know that’s an impressive number. Gentry sits down withe MacNiven for a short stack and a heavy dose of fun.    LINK to PDF    or     LINK to Article


Image: Jason Hiner/TechRepublic

How Buck’s of Woodside became the ‘Cheers’ of Silicon Valley

TechRepublic  July 4, 2014
Image: Jason Hiner/TechRepublic

In the past two decades the restaurant Buck’s of Woodside has been an anchor of Silicon Valley. While known for it’s wacky decor, it’s also known as a breeding ground for tech companies. Jamis MacNiven has witnessed some of the most monumental moments in the history of technology. From the first demos of PayPal to the incorporation of Hotmail, MacNiven has been there, and he didn’t have to leave work to do so.

“Buck’s is one of the only restaurants that’s near the venture capital world. So, if you’re raising money on Sand Hill road, it’s not too far of a drive,” said Robert Scoble, the startup liaison officer at Rackspace.   LINK to Article