The Anderson Consulting dudes were impressed!

This from the Coauthor Michael Perkins, “The concept of financial bubble has been around quite awhile, as in the South Sea Bubble of 1720 in London and the Mississippi bubble around the same time in France. In recent years the Economist has been writing frequently about a stock market bubble in the U.S. But it was in the summer of 1998 that we put together Internet with Bubble and came up with the title of our book long before the words appeared on the cover of U.S. News in January 1999 (they actually used the longer phrase ‘Internet stock bubble’) or the subsequent publications and commentators which picked up on it”.

“Another interesting tidbit is that the Red Herring actually identified the Internet bubble phenomenon as long ago as spring 1996, although we didn’t exactly call it that at the time. It was in the Sept. 1996 Red Herring that the famous Mike McCaffery interview (titled ‘the Good Soldier’) was published in which we asked him about the inflated and maniacal Internet market at the time and he provided very candid comments, some of which are quoted in the book. But like tulip mania which took two and half years to play out, the far more complex Internet Bubble is also taking time to play itself it out”.