Bill Griffeths with Goeff Yang noted venture capitalist


CNBC dropped by and shot a live show here at Buck’s recently. Power Lunch they call it and they claim that 450,00 people worldwide saw me running around killing flies because someone left a door open.

Bill Griffeths was the host and they interviewed a whole bunch of great people. I never found out who all was here but I saw the CEO’s of Cypress Semi Conductor, Efax, Etrade, Cisco, and a brace of others.

They brought a crew of 30 people with satellite uplink, generator truck production trailer, lighting, makeup and the like. All nearly fell apart when a delivery truck ripped out the 8 phone lines feeding the show to the studio in New Jersey, 20 minutes to airtime.

I must say that the production staff was the most accommodating and considerate imaginable. They build an authentic TV studio right in the middle of the place starting at 4 in the morning and by 1;00 pm they were completely broken down without a pancake out of place.

Ramona Schindelhein produces the show and called me after the broadcast to thank me for the venue in the most gracious fashion. Now these are New Yorkers, and I am an ex New Yorker and always love to schmooze with the folks lucky enough to be part of this vibrant city. I reminisced about H and H Bagels on Broadway at 80th and some of my other favorite haunts. Almost immediately Ramona airshiped a case of H and H Bagels. Wow! Next time I tell her how much I admire the Bulgari watch.

Stephen James is the Director of Production and is the guy behind the scene who puts it all together. He never seemed the least bit flustered considering that every part of a field shoot has to work or you end up seeing the reruns of Gilligan’s Island for two hours because this LIVE.


Washington Post Editors

The Washington Post people came by on the same day as the fashion editor Trisch Donnely of the the San Francisco Chronicle was here to see what’s up with fashion at Buck’s (I’m not making this up, ask Stuart Alsop). Fortunately they were sitting with Tim Draper and Steve Jurvetson of Draper Fisher Jurvetson who are known to be very well dressed if the Hotmail doesn’t burn their suits off (low and inside).

From left to right in the picture: Steve Jurvetson, Trish Dutt, Financial Editor, Tim Draper, David Streitfeld columnist with the Post (the last person in Silicon Valley who still owns a pen), Barry Hutchison of DFJ, Fred Hyatt, Editorial Page Editor and Steve Coll Managing Editor. I seriously doubt if I got all this correct but I’m a hash house guy. These people are the ones that have to get it right.

It is interesting to think about the role that The Post has in the culture of the nation. The LA Times is known for its remarkable size and its ability to be wildly profitable. The Wall Street Journal for business, The New York Times for all the news that fits and The Post for being the conscience of the nation. I remember the remarkable work done by The Post during the Watergate era as well as the colorful editors and publishers over the years. The paper is in good hands today with this very clued in bunch.

 They’ll Always Be An England

A crew from TV1, a station from England, was here to shoot something or other. They were very busy so we let them be, but I suspect the story had something to do with the Internet. Which brings me to my point. Why do we capitalize Internet. At least in Microsoft Word the checker insists. Since we are on the subject; what ever happened to a perfectly good word like ‘jungle’. There are rain forests in the Pacific Northwest and in Brazil. Wherefore art thou jungle? Also ‘Indian’, Columbus comes by and thinks he’s in India. What a nut. Well, it worked out OK, but the folks weren’t Indians. They name stuck and still sticks pretty tightly in spite of the move to change it to Native American. I will call people what they prefer to be called but the indigenous peoples are pretty much divided on the issue. This has nothing to do with the word jungle, but I am convinced that no one reads this drivel, but my mother. Hi, Mom.