Idiotic teeth found funny by Korean Journalists

I was interviewed by Mr. Il-ook Go of Munhwa broadcasting. I like their address: 31 Yoido-dong, Youngdungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea. Wow is that a different language. It is these wonderful differences which make my day so interesting. I put in my teeth some wag referred to as my “Eleanor Roosevelt’s” and let rip with the view… Read more »

President of Princeton at Buck’s

The president of Princeton, University, Harold Shapiro, was in town to visit with some of the alumni who have been so successful in the Valley. He is shown here flanked on the left by Eric Tilenius, Co-founder of Netcentives, and Mark Bailey CEO of WebPartner, There is an old expression that if you hang… Read more »

Zsa Zsa Gabor-Keynote Speaker at Yahoo Summit

Me with the ever shy Tim Sanders. I have been called the Zsa Zsa Gabor of Silicon Valley and that is when people are being nice to me. Funny, though, someone at Yahoo saw my name written on a bathroom wall (probably in my handwriting) and they asked me to deliver the opening sermon on… Read more »

Bucks – centre of the universe …. again !!!

(Note the quaint English spelling of CENTER, Ronnie wrote this) Stronge on the Front On Friday 14th January Bucks busy breakfast time was made even busier when a bunch of Brits arrived complete with fancy cameras and sound gear and some very bright lights. They had heard how Bucks is often the place that deal-makers… Read more »

As seen at Buck’s

Bill asks Jamis to come to Washington Buck’s has been in the hood for nine years and in that time we have seen some pretty funny stuff and served something like 1.6 million meals including one where a guy ordered 11 pork chops. We have seen some famous people such as Carol Doda, Steven King,… Read more »

“Internet Bubble” is a term that is sticking

The Anderson Consulting dudes were impressed! This from the Coauthor Michael Perkins, “The concept of financial bubble has been around quite awhile, as in the South Sea Bubble of 1720 in London and the Mississippi bubble around the same time in France. In recent years the Economist has been writing frequently about a stock market… Read more »

Accolades Kneel

It’s because we ran out of chairs for the popular book signing of the latest book The Internet Bubble by Michael and Tony Perkins. In this provocative and widely heralded new best seller the Perkins tell us that the party is about over. They state flatly that, “If you own any of these companies (133… Read more »

Lotus Elis at Buck’s

 This little beast showed up here to see and be seen. It is the new Lotus Elis and this is the only one in America. It attracted a TV crew and they asked me for my comments. I said I drive a Lincoln and would need one for each foot. This is a very spartan… Read more »

Governor of Penn. and Cadence

The hunkely handsome Ray Bingham the CEO of Cadence Design Systems (on the right) hosted a California style breakfast powwow at Buck’s for The Honorable, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge (center), Sam McCullough Secretary of Economic Development) several staff members and some big time muscle to keep our employees from playing the tubas. It seems that… Read more »

CNBC, Washington Post, SF Chronicle and TV1-Converge

Bill Griffeths with Goeff Yang noted venture capitalist NBC LIVE CNBC dropped by and shot a live show here at Buck’s recently. Power Lunch they call it and they claim that 450,00 people worldwide saw me running around killing flies because someone left a door open. Bill Griffeths was the host and they interviewed a… Read more »