Jim Lyons

Jamis MacNiven
Collector, Artist, Story Teller

Jeff Thomas
Photographer and InDesign Consultant

Tom DiGrazia
Mobile Application Developer



Jeff Thomas, Jim Lyons, Jamis MacNiven, and Tom DiGrazia


The Buck’s Collection refers to all of the “stuff” you see around you when you visit Buck’s Woodside Restaurant, including the walls, the ceiling, the floor, and anywhere else available to stash this amazing collection of odds and ends.

Some things are of real value – historic or monetary, many have a great story behind them, and others I’m not sure really deserve the space they take – but that’s a matter of opinion. Many are personal items of Jamis MacNiven, who with his wife, Margaret, owns Buck’s. Many other things come from auctions, Jamis’ travels, or as gifts from friends and strangers.


 Download the Buck’s Collection Book (full version)

Buck’s Collection Book Download Part I (pdf)     |     Buck’s Collection Book Download Part II (pdf)