(Note the quaint English spelling of CENTER, Ronnie wrote this)


Stronge on the Front

On Friday 14th January Bucks busy breakfast time was made even busier when a bunch of Brits arrived complete with fancy cameras and sound gear and some very bright lights. They had heard how Bucks is often the place that deal-makers choose to discuss Silicon Valley business opportunities and it seemed a good place to start their on-camera investigation as to what the leading players in the Valley are up to.

All of this was for a program they were making for Reuters – the global Information giant who apparently are running a huge exhibition in Geneva Switzerland in March this year. What is less-well known is that Reuters have cleverly invested in some of the hottest start-ups in the Valley including Yahoo and Intertrust. Not only has this given Reuters more technical leadership in their pre- eminent position as a key supplier of information and IT systems to the world’s financial organizations but they have built up a substantial fund of investments that have rocketed in value over the past few years. Half way through the anchor-man’s introduction on camera the truth of the situation was made very real as sitting on a table right next to them were 3 very happy deal-makers whose names shall remain secret. They have had their hugely successful IPO and were clearly hatching up another good idea.

We were pleased to see the Brits come ……. and go after a hearty breakfast and thanking us for our contribution to Anglo-American relationships. It’s still a rule of the house that there is no lingering over your pancakes trying to listen in to the next table for a good deal idea if you happen to be into day trading. As we saw on Friday, we need to keep ’em moving along if we are to keep all of our customers happy. You may see yourself in the movies though. Just remember where it all began !!!!


Best regards

Ronnie Stronge