Newt Gingrich, New Waiter at Buck’s?

Gingrich and Patsy When he came in today it became quickly apparent why Newt Gingrich rose to the Speaker of the House. Regardless of your politics you would probably admit on meeting him that he is one engaging guy. Steve Jurvetson of Draper Fisher Jurvetson brought him in for breakfast to meet with principals of… Read more »

Walsh and White Old Friends at Buck’s

Mike White and Bill Walsh Coach Bill Walsh, the legendary coach of of the 49ers, broke bread with his friend of many years the renowned coach of the Raiders and now the Rams, Coach Mike White. These men were together at Stanford in years past and neither is content to sit back in the clover…. Read more »

Koko Speaks

Koko and Penny Local Woodside resident Koko the Gorilla stared in her own show which recently aired on PBS. I was once walking with my wife, Margaret, past the Stanford art museum in about 1977 and there was a woman sitting on the steps with a small gorilla. Well Dr. Penny Patterson and her great… Read more »