Syl Heumann’s Perpetual Motion Machine

Syl passes out on Buck’s lemonade as Mort and Walt plot to steal engine. Actually the machine pictured is not a perpetual motion machine it’s Syl himself who is the perpetual motion machine. In fact, he, and the characters with him represent a significant percentage of our local engineering brilliance. But first, what is that… Read more »

Frank Flood Treads Where None Have Dared

And he isn’t even fat! What Frank did was this: He came in and ordered Boston clam chowder and asked for a scoop of vanilla ice cream installed in the soup. He ate the whole thing. Impossible? So we thought, but then he ordered the grilled artichoke with prawns and crab and had a scoop… Read more »

America’s Birthday Card

Rowan MacMiven examines the goods with David Redden the Vice Chair of Sotheby’s Who doesn’t love the Declaration of Independence. It’s a sassy in your face, outta here Mr. George 3, we are on our own.stand for freedom. It is astounding to realize that this 225 year old statement has been adopted in part or… Read more »

Kevin Kelly and Friends Busting Flapjacks

Cristoph, Ed, Steve, Kevin with me teaching how to say hello in Pawnee. I read a book that I found so profound that I thought I better share it with you. It is all about connectivity and the bright, even brilliant future so immediately at hand. The book is The New Rules for the New… Read more »

Shimon Peres breakfast

Shimon Peres breakfast Gracing Buck’s for Breakfast of the Year came Shimon Peres, Nobel Laureate, Minister for Regional Co-operation and Founder of the Peres Center For Peace, as guest of Isabel Maxwell and Commtouch ( who hosted a private breakfast with Silicon Valley leaders Tim Koogle of Yahoo!; Les Vadasz of Intel; Steve Jurvetson of… Read more »

Uncle Stanford

Uncle Stanford The most amazing people come through the door at Buck’s that I am losing interest in wandering across Highway 280 in case I miss anyone. I happened to be here when a most marvelous gentleman came in for dinner with his niece and her husband. We got to talking about the great world’s… Read more »

Police Shakedown Buck’s Customers

Sheriff of San Mateo Don Horsley pushing caffeine into Paul Saffo Sergeant Vicki O’Brian came by the other day and asked if I would like to have Buck’s be part of the Tip-A-Cop program. This consists of the police officers from many different cities and the sheriffs of San Mateo County coming into a restaurant… Read more »

Today Show at Buck’s

I should have known from the hair Impostors came in posing as the muscle for the Today Show. They interviewed me on a range of subject, but my answers were always the same. ” I don’t know. I’ll get back to you. And. Who cares?” It didn’t seem to phase them, though, and I soon… Read more »

Idiotic teeth found funny by Korean Journalists

I was interviewed by Mr. Il-ook Go of Munhwa broadcasting. I like their address: 31 Yoido-dong, Youngdungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea. Wow is that a different language. It is these wonderful differences which make my day so interesting. I put in my teeth some wag referred to as my “Eleanor Roosevelt’s” and let rip with the view… Read more »

President of Princeton at Buck’s

The president of Princeton, University, Harold Shapiro, was in town to visit with some of the alumni who have been so successful in the Valley. He is shown here flanked on the left by Eric Tilenius, Co-founder of Netcentives, and Mark Bailey CEO of WebPartner, There is an old expression that if you hang… Read more »