Where Was Churchill?

So where did you hide the money? The Churchill Club was founded in Silicon Valley to provide a forum for business and political topics. The recent panel moderated by brothers Michael and Tony Perkins certainly made everyone perk up in their seats. It was the Perkins’ who brought us the Red Herring (Tony is the… Read more »

A Stolen Flag

Once again in service I hung an American flag in front of Buck’s the day of the disaster. The flag I’m flying is the one I stole from the Telegraph Ave. branch of the Bank of America in May of 1969 shortly before other students broke all the windows and the place was looted. This… Read more »

The legendary Pam and Craig with some biker

Pam, Greg and Craig with their teeth Craig Johnson’s tombstone has already been written, although he won’t be needing it for quite awhile. It reads: “Did some law and was crazy about biking” Well, Craig has done “a bit of law.” He founded Venture Law Group on Sand Hill Road and has done the legal… Read more »

Twin success, gorgeous and a guy in purple shirt

220 volt smiles So how often do twins come along who are basketball superstars? Well, we know of at least two. Jason and Jarron Collins are said to be the most intensely recruited and highly rated players ever to be part of the great Stanford Cardinal team. And now they have been drafted into the… Read more »

Summit at Table 10

So Woodside’s always ebullient Richard Pivnicka is the handsome one on the right. He’s a technology entrepreneur and the founder of Czechtech www.czechtech.net which is an organization charged with forging ever stronger ties between The Czech Republic and Silicon Valley. Richard is also the Czech Republic Honorary Consul General of San Francisco. The Czech’s have… Read more »

MacNiven Defects

The oldest son of the loudmouth owner of Buck’s has had quite the ride in The Valley but love, adventure and the ruination of the Internet boom drove the guy to extremes. He now finds himself literally tiptoeing through the tulips as reported by Matt Marshall of the San Jose Mercury News.

Herring Goes Hollywood

Tony, Satjiv and friend The Red Herring is increasingly being known for the killer conferences held around the world. Most recently Herring on Hollywood featured two days of networking (the old fashioned way, in person) as well as trade booths with entertainment related software as well as presentations on stage. The highlight was Tony Perkins… Read more »

Syl Heumann’s Perpetual Motion Machine

Syl passes out on Buck’s lemonade as Mort and Walt plot to steal engine. Actually the machine pictured is not a perpetual motion machine it’s Syl himself who is the perpetual motion machine. In fact, he, and the characters with him represent a significant percentage of our local engineering brilliance. But first, what is that… Read more »

Frank Flood Treads Where None Have Dared

And he isn’t even fat! What Frank did was this: He came in and ordered Boston clam chowder and asked for a scoop of vanilla ice cream installed in the soup. He ate the whole thing. Impossible? So we thought, but then he ordered the grilled artichoke with prawns and crab and had a scoop… Read more »

America’s Birthday Card

Rowan MacMiven examines the goods with David Redden the Vice Chair of Sotheby’s Who doesn’t love the Declaration of Independence. It’s a sassy in your face, outta here Mr. George 3, we are on our own.stand for freedom. It is astounding to realize that this 225 year old statement has been adopted in part or… Read more »