189 Years of Nice Guy

¬† Mario Pechetti Manetti and Stanford Steinbeck A fella came in to Buck’s one evening and I stopped by his table to say hello. He was a man “of an age’ and the first thing he said was, “Did you tie that tie?” I had on some comic tie hanging from my typically comic shirt…. Read more »

Vietnam and the Japan

The war is over. “Hum, I hear that’s a beautiful country,” people would invariably say. Of course, the first thing that actually pops to mind is that we dropped quite a few bombs and some other really bad stuff from the stem to the stern of this country. Our government whipped up a paranoid fantasy… Read more »

My lunch with Zsa Zsa?

Newsweek once called me the Zsa Zsa Gabor of Silicon Valley, a backhanded slap of a compliment which meant famous for no apparent reason. I have always loved the whole idea of Zsa Zsa Gabor. First, she was really a spectacular beauty in her day which lasted well in the evening. I’ll bet you can’t… Read more »

Death of Irony?

There has been entirely too much loose prattle in the popular press questioning whether irony has a future. For instance there was a four page story in Newsweek on January 1st. titled, “Will we ever get over irony?” This was about four times the space they devoted to collapse of the economy in Argentina, but… Read more »

MacNiven to become Ambassador

This guy came in and told me that he was the former Mayor of Los Angeles. “Yeah, sure but what have you done lately.” “Well, I’m running for governor.” I instantly saw the possibilities and we hammered out a deal that if I throw my considerable support behind the campaign I’ll get an ambassadorship. This… Read more »

New York City Revisited

I left New York City on July 4th 1976 with my wife Margaret and our two cats. We cruised among the Tall Ships in New York City Harbor celebrating the Bicentennial from a boat off lower Manhattan. We could see President Ford on the deck of the aircraft carrier Nimitz. We sailed by the Statue… Read more »

The Red Herring NDA

The Red Herring NDA, 40 foot Crocodiles, pond scum, and other forms of life. Tony Perkins Subbing for George Bush The nice people at the Red Herring have had the bad taste to invite me, once again, to a conference and this one was a stunner. Two years ago all the talk was head-shaking-wonder at… Read more »

Where Was Churchill?

So where did you hide the money? The Churchill Club was founded in Silicon Valley to provide a forum for business and political topics. The recent panel moderated by brothers Michael and Tony Perkins certainly made everyone perk up in their seats. It was the Perkins’ who brought us the Red Herring (Tony is the… Read more »

A Stolen Flag

Once again in service I hung an American flag in front of Buck’s the day of the disaster. The flag I’m flying is the one I stole from the Telegraph Ave. branch of the Bank of America in May of 1969 shortly before other students broke all the windows and the place was looted. This… Read more »