Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich Newt was visiting here in The Valley as he does from time to time. I asked to see his driver’s license and when I looked at it I asked him how we were supposed to believe a man who lies about his weight?  

More noise on Green no one will read

IT ISN’T EASY BEING GREEN “OK we’ve been peeing in the pool long enough. When it was just a few kids it was one thing but now that we are north of 7 billion we need to knock it off or the pool will be closed!” Back in the 60s, hippies were preaching that we… Read more »

TED 2008

I had the great privilege of attending the TED conference again this year. TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design. This singular event brings together great thinkers from all over the world…and me. The text is a three and a half day conference where charismatic speakers, artists and all sorts of optimists, skeptics, believers and… Read more »

New thoughts

I SING THE TECH VIRTUAL Peter Friess, the director who brought the Tech Museum of San Jose back from the brink has just wrapped the four month Body World’s exhibition which brought nearly 300,000 visitors to the museum. This was a great opportunity for the people to see the old museum because it is changing… Read more »

AlwaysOn and On On On

In 1993 Tony Perkins launched the Red Herring Magazine with Jaron Lanier on the first cover. It is particularly fitting that at the recent AlwaysOn conference at Stanford Jaron was a featured panelist with a host of other big thinkers. Much that transpires in The Valley is a result of the folks who regularly attend… Read more »

Betty Monroe runs into her Father at Buck’s

My new friend Betty Monroe came into Buck’s a little while back. She sat next to a photograph on the wall and there she saw her father looking back from a picture taken in 1918 when he was mule skinner (archaic term for a mule wagon driver) for the army. On Nov. 11th, 1918 he… Read more »

Forget Saving the Earth

There has been a great deal written about, spoken about and screamed about with regard to saving the Earth. But what do you think the Earth feels about it. Let’s look at the situation from the Earth’s point of view for a mo. If you buy the theory that the planet is about 4.5 billion… Read more »

Pioneer dies on the trail after 7 billion mile trip

Thirty years ago, the NASA/Ames scientists launched a little spacecraft at Jupiter and they hoped it would last as long as 21 months. It worked as planned and in a flyby of the red giant it sent back dazzling pictures of Jupiter and then with the ol’ slingshot maneuver it accelerated past Jupiter and headed… Read more »

189 Years of Nice Guy

  Mario Pechetti Manetti and Stanford Steinbeck A fella came in to Buck’s one evening and I stopped by his table to say hello. He was a man “of an age’ and the first thing he said was, “Did you tie that tie?” I had on some comic tie hanging from my typically comic shirt…. Read more »

Vietnam and the Japan

The war is over. “Hum, I hear that’s a beautiful country,” people would invariably say. Of course, the first thing that actually pops to mind is that we dropped quite a few bombs and some other really bad stuff from the stem to the stern of this country. Our government whipped up a paranoid fantasy… Read more »