Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

I arrived in Bishkek the capital of Kyrgyzstan after passing through Istanbul. Once more I am in an obscure Central Asia country with my old pals Kevin and Will. This time we were joined by two other friends Rich and Craig and we teamed up again with Young Pioneer Tours, a company whose motto is… Read more »

Book report

Desert Island Books By Jamis H. MacNiven My favorite book is Moby-Dick. If you are reading this article and (and you must be, right?) I suggest you cease instanta! and, get a copy of Moby-Dick (and yes, for reasons forever unclear the title does have a hyphen) and read the book “Call me Ishmael…”  It’s… Read more »

GEORGIA (not the one with the banjos)

By Jamis H. MacNiven In my ever widening quest to travel to the furthest capillaries of civilization I teamed up with my frequent traveling companions Kevin Kelly and Will Milne to find another corner of the globe where it’s our practice to go to the end of the reasonable road and beat on the driver’s… Read more »

It’s The End of the World (in the movies)

A perennial movie topic is the end of civilization. There are several popular ways it all ends. First, nuclear misadventure. Picture a film about global warming caused by the folly of the Americans and the Russians testing super-big bombs at the poles just to see what will happen. Now make this a feature length drama… Read more »


It’s spring so it’s conference time and I went in neck deep. Here’s the roundup. For years I’ve gone to TED and reported back. Over time I’ve spent about 45 days at TED. Yikes! That is ee-nuf! TED is the annual conference now held in Vancouver. It is many terrific things. Great speakers, big ideas… Read more »

Dubai and Saudi Arabia

By Jamis H. MacNiven Photos (mostly) by Kevin Kelly My cousin Will Milne and I decided to go with Kevin Kelly to hear his speech at the World Government Summit in Dubai recently. The WGS is mostly Westerners lecturing to mostly Middle Easterners and each year there’s a theme. This year’s was Global Happiness and… Read more »


It was time once again to return to the Motherland. Well not my motherland but the Russians are wildly proud of this contradictory country. It had been 18 years since my last visit and like everywhere it was greatly changed. I went with my cousin Will Milne. We’ve traveled to the ends of the earth… Read more »

Psychedelics, TED, and John Cleese

  By Jamis H. MacNiven It started with the Psychedelic Science Conference in Oakland. This was a gathering of 2,400 researchers, doctors and people associated with the current state of psychedelics. These drugs have a wide range of therapeutic applications including treating depression, addiction and trauma recovery. And sure these drugs are also used to… Read more »

A long, long way home

By Jamis H. MacNiven There we were at the Victoria Falls Airport having flown at 500 mph over 10,000 miles from the other side of the world to now shamble inch by inch in a line that oozed sluggishly forward as the immigration officials meticulously penned-in wordy forms, periodically swiping exhausted carbon paper between the… Read more »