It was time once again to return to the Motherland. Well not my motherland but the Russians are wildly proud of this contradictory country. It had been 18 years since my last visit and like everywhere it was greatly changed. I went with my cousin Will Milne. We’ve traveled to the ends of the earth… Read more »

Psychedelics, TED, and John Cleese

  By Jamis H. MacNiven It started with the Psychedelic Science Conference in Oakland. This was a gathering of 2,400 researchers, doctors and people associated with the current state of psychedelics. These drugs have a wide range of therapeutic applications including treating depression, addiction and trauma recovery. And sure these drugs are also used to… Read more »

A long, long way home

By Jamis H. MacNiven There we were at the Victoria Falls Airport having flown at 500 mph over 10,000 miles from the other side of the world to now shamble inch by inch in a line that oozed sluggishly forward as the immigration officials meticulously penned-in wordy forms, periodically swiping exhausted carbon paper between the… Read more »


By Jamis MacNiven I never thought I would get to China. I always imagined it to be insanely crowded, overwhelming and just too complicated. I pictured the Chinese airline agents looking at me blankly and informing me that all the flights were full—for the next two years. Of course I knew that everyone strangled on… Read more »

Ten Remarkable Trees and California From 500 Feet

TEN REMARKABLE TREES The 10 Remarkable Redwoods of the Great State of California are now on permanent display at Buck’s. You will find them near the back of the restaurant in their terrestrial aquarium. This is in the space that was once the home of the submarine from the movie Das Boot which sailed away a… Read more »

Washington DC

By Jamis H. MacNiven So there I was—sitting at the table next to Louie Gohmert, congressman from Texas, wondering how a fool like this ends up as an elected representative. Among his positions is his insistence that the United States Federal government as directed by the Muslim Brotherhood is preparing to invade Texas this summer,… Read more »

Friend For 41 Years – Other tall tales

One summer day (July 19th, 1961 to be exact, I’ve seen the receipt) Hal Fick was walking down Sendlinger Strode in Munich when he saw a bewitching blue Cinelli Speciale Corsa 10 speed bicycle fitted with glittering Campagnolo gear in the window of a Munich bike shop. He still recalls the event with great clarity…. Read more »

Beau Perry’s Premium Oceanic

20 years ago Woodside’s Noel Perry made an appearance on this menu discussing his venture fund based on financing socially beneficial businesses. He and his wife Claire were proactive in a variety of local and global causes; for example helping to found Conservation International, an organization promoting biodiversity. They were also known as the folks… Read more »

The Cote d’Azur and Fencing in Bulgaria

Travel time once again. The ultimate destination this time was one of the corners of the earth – Varna Bulgaria, but first I had to kick a little of the jetlag by cooling my jets on the Cote d’Azur, or the French Riviera with my great friend Peter Friess who is a durable and frequent… Read more »