Once again in service

I hung an American flag in front of Buck’s the day of the disaster. The flag I’m flying is the one I stole from the Telegraph Ave. branch of the Bank of America in May of 1969 shortly before other students broke all the windows and the place was looted. This is same summer when the B of A was burned to the ground in Isla Vista next to UC Santa Barbara. I wasn’t of the window breaking or bank burning persuasion but I was a leftist radical. The student struggles with government policy seem like such a long time ago now. Everything before September 11, 2001 seems so very long ago.

After being folded and put away for over 30 years the flag is flying in front of this small town joint. Kids walk to schoo1l here, people ride up on horses and tie them in front of the place as they have been doing in Woodside for generations.

Dave Winer has written a thought provoking and heartfelt article, which has made me feel more connected and more powerful. Have a look at what he has to say,