Bill asks Jamis to come to Washington

Buck’s has been in the hood for nine years and in that time we have seen some pretty funny stuff and served something like 1.6 million meals including one where a guy ordered 11 pork chops. We have seen some famous people such as Carol Doda, Steven King, the President of Surinam, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Chef Chu, Ann Landers, Bill Bradley, Ivan Boskey, Charo, Mikhail Gorbachov and Weird Al Yankovick. These people actually weren’t here at the same time, however.

It’s great to see kids who used to come in here as tiny little babies and are now practically driving. The one of the best things to happen here was when we had a birthday party for a woman who was 101. She came dressed as a cowgirl complete with hat, fringed skirt and six-guns. Another time a guy waves me over and asked what bacon was doing in the beans of his so-called vegetarian plate. The guy was Kevin Bacon. He thought it was funny and I’m still trying to figure it out. No one believes me when I tell this story but hey, it’s far too dumb to make up.

We have a pretty chummy feeling on the staff here and we are also involved with our customer’s lives. We have been, to a greater or lesser extent, part of births, deaths, remodels and even one memorable food fight (hey, don’t get any ideas) as well as all sorts of other transitions. Once back in ’94 a man and a woman were sitting back to back; they got to talking and quickly realized that they had known one another several decades before. In a few weeks they got married. Another time a young man proposed to his girl friend on bended knee in front of the enire restaurant. She said yes if it was OK with her father. He called her father on my cell phone and we were all pretty tense. The place broke into wild cheering when he gave his blessing.